My 12th year at Gunillaberg turned out to have been the hardest year one can imagine.

The Corona crisis has affected each and every one, but for us an economic crisis has been inevitable – and meant that it has been an insurmountable task to prepare Gunillaberg for the summer exhibition – and amidst all this the County Administrative Board in Sweden decided to give me a ban on keeping animals, which consequently means that all my animals at Gunillaberg are gone. The animals and my love for them has been a big part of Gunillaberg and a great source of inspiration for my being as an artist, so this is a great loss for me.

The difficult circumstances mean that I have decided to sell Gunillaberg and therefore hope that a buyer will continue to work on the unique potential that Gunillaberg has.

Despite the great challenges I look forward to presenting an exhibition with artists Eli Benveniste and Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, who will display beautiful works in clay and bronze as well as ink on paper. Furthermore, new works by Christian Lemmerz and Ingrid Bugge will be exhibited.

It will be possible to visit Gunillaberg and see above mentioned exhibition on Saturdays and Sundays throughout July and August, by appointment only. Due to the unusual situation the admission fee will be SEK 500 per person.

Schedule a visit by writing to